Top 5 Car Shipping by Rail DestinationsShipping a car via rail is much different than shipping a car via truck. For starters, trains can only go so many places – trucks can go anywhere with a road (theoretically). But more than that, auto transport by truck tends to faster and a lot easier to find. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find car shipping by rail – it’s just going to be trickier. Here are the top five car shipping by rail destinations based on search queries.

Top 5 Car Shipping by Rail Destinations

Considering the auto train runs in and out of Florida, and Miami is a major auto transport hub, it’s not surprising people are searching for Miami car shipping by rail services. The problem is that most trains that ship cars, including Amtrak’s auto train, only goes to Sanford. This means you’ll likely have to contract with an overland carrier to get your vehicle to Miami proper. Still, though, it’s one of the most highly-demanded locations for car transport services.

New York City
As the largest city in the United States by population, it’s not surprising NYC is on this list. That being said, the auto train only runs to Lorton, Virginia, a bit south of Washington, D.C. There may be other rail shippers that go to New York City, but most don’t. They may run to New Jersey, which sits close by. But you’ll need to speak to an agent about that. Regardless, NYC is one of the top auto transportation locations in the U.S., so shipping a vehicle there won’t be difficult.

Washington D.C.
Washington, D.C. sees plenty of car shipping traffic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t see much auto transport by rail traffic. This isn’t all that surprising, considering the auto train stops a bit south of it. But most people will simply take an Uber or something to the train station in Lorton and then drive back up. This is usually the best way to go.

As of this writing there is no auto transport by rail service to Dallas. This is problematic for people looking to ship via train, but it is what it is. This will likely change in the future, but when it will change is up in the air. That said, if you’re looking to ship a car into or out of Dallas, overland transport via truck is the way to go.

Like New York City, Philadelphia is a major vehicle shipping hub. But getting there can be difficult for trains because there’s no real auto transport by rail service to or from Philly. Again, like with shipping to NYC or D.C., the best way to go for transport by rail is to use the auto train. But that route is limited, and there are no others right now that are servicing customers. Speak to an agent to learn more about the top 5 auto transport by rail destinations, and about Philadelphia vehicle shipping services.

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