Shipping an Oversize Pickup by RailShipping any vehicle via the railroad is a tricky endeavor for any individual customer. And shipping an oversize vehicle by rail is even trickier. Oversize vehicles are exactly as they sound – they’re larger in size than a normal car. As such, oversize vehicles may not fit in a standard car trailer on a train. This is problematic, and will likely result in you having to use a flatbed train car.

This isn’t the worst thing, of course, as many trains have flatbed train cars. But it will most definitely cost more when compared to open or enclosed shipping services. Note too that oversize vehicles will require you to have their dimensions to quote them accurately. Make sure to have the approximate length, width, height and weight of your vehicle, and any other pertinent details regarding its size, when you are compiling quotes and finding a shipper.

Tips for shipping an oversize vehicle by rail

As mentioned above, it’s always best to have the dimensions whenever you start searching for quotes. This will make your quotes more accurate and will also help your shipper gauge just exactly what you need. At the same time, though, shipping an oversize vehicle by rail may be expensive, especially when compared to shipping that same vehicle via an overland transport truck. Oversize shipments are often more expensive than their smaller counterparts, after all. This is something you’ll want to speak to an agent about.

Also, it may be more difficult to get your vehicle to or from the train station, especially if you’re unable to drive the vehicle to or from the station yourself. This will depend heavily on where you’re shipping from and to, of course. Rail routes throughout the U.S. are limited, as there are few rail companies that ship cars for individuals. But if they’re there, we’ll find them for you. You should definitely give yourself plenty of time to find quotes and potential shippers, though. Expedited rail services are basically non-existent, so keep that in mind. You should give yourself a few weeks to find your shipper and get all the “I’s” dotted and the “T’s” crossed.

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