Ship a Car That Can't BrakeMost of the time, when you ship a car – by rail or otherwise – it’s in perfect working condition. After all, most of us are shipping cars that we ourselves drive every day. But sometimes, we have to ship a car that has issues. For instance, if you’re trying to ship a car that can’t brake, it’s important to know what you’ll end up dealing with.

How companies ship a car that can’t brake

Any vehicle that can’t brake is going to have to be handled much more carefully. This is true regardless of the shipping method. Most shippers will transport multiple vehicles at once – it saves time and money and makes routes more profitable. So they have to be careful of all the other vehicles on their rig when they’re loading a car that can’t stop itself.

As such, prices tend to increase. More importantly, it may not be feasible to ship a car that can’t brake on a railroad car. This is because railroad shipping is limited as-is, and most shippers won’t want to handle the extra stress. So it may not be available at all. If it is, we can most definitely help you find it.

Regardless, your vehicle will be strapped down like all the rest, and the parking brake will be engaged. Your vehicle may be loaded into a specific part of the trailer to minimize potential problems. We highly recommend speaking to a live agent about this topic. There are many subtleties to prices and available services with a car that can’t stop under its own power, so a more personalized touch will likely be needed.

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