Shipping Heavy Equipment by RailShipping heavy equipment anywhere is always a challenge. Heavy equipment tends to be larger, heavier, wider, and taller than traditional vehicles, so many heavy equipment managers look to ship via the railroads. Shipping heavy equipment by rail isn’t the hardest thing to do – it’s certainly easier than shipping a standard car by rail, actually. But there are still some things to understand, such as how shipping heavy equipment by rail is accomplished, and some of the more unconventional things you should be aware of.

How shipping heavy equipment by rail works

Like most other vehicles, shipping heavy equipment by rail comes down to two things: time and money. For most standard vehicles, auto shipping via the railroad tends to not be cost-effective. Standard overland transport trucks tend to be the cheapest and fastest method of shipping a vehicle. But overland transportation of heavy equipment is often done via flatbed trucks, which are much harder to find. So it’s not surprising that heavy equipment managers want to ship their equipment via the railroad.

While individual railroad shipping services exist, they can be hard to find, especially for your typical everyday motorist. But heavy equipment is a different beast. More rail shippers are willing to ship heavy equipment because they know they can charge more. If you’re shipping heavy equipment by rail, you’re going to need a flatbed train car more than not. Many flatbed rail cars can fit two pieces of smaller equipment, but oftentimes it’s one per flatbed car. As such, you have to prepare accordingly.

Expect prices to be higher than overland transport by truck. This won’t always be the case, and it depends on the route, but you should go into your search with that in mind. This means comparing prices and services. Also, you should compare rail shipping to truck shipping and see which one fits your needs better. We can help you find a company that can ship heavy equipment via the railroad or by overland transport truck. Make sure to call us or fill out our free quote form for more.

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