Ship a Car that Doesn't RunMost of the time, when you ship a car that doesn’t run – at least, with a transport truck – it’s winched onto the truck. This is because loading and unloading of a vehicle is typically done by driving it on and off the truck. This is also how loading and unloading is done with a train car. However, a train may not have a winch with which to load and unload the vehicle. So whether or not you can ship a car that doesn’t run via the railroad will depend on the tools available. Chances are that you’ll need to ship via a standard truck if your vehicle cannot start.

How companies ship a car that doesn’t run

As mentioned above, a winch will be required to load or unload any vehicle that doesn’t run. This is much easier done with a truck than with a train car. Note too that most trains that do ship cars will handle them in bulk, and those mostly all run. If there is a train that can load or unload a vehicle that doesn’t run, we can find it. However, as far as we know, your vehicle must be running in order to ship via rail.

That being said, if it’s a simple problem, you can probably save some time and money fixing it yourself. Obviously the reasons a car won’t start are numerous. But if it’s something like the spark plugs, or maybe the starter, you may be able to save some money. Most overland transporters that ship vehicles that don’t start charge extra. This is because a winch is needed, and not all trucks have a winch. It also takes a lot of work to winch the car up to the truck. So if you can get your vehicle running, not only will you be better able to find transport services by rail, but also will save some money if you can’t.

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