Phoenix Auto Shipping by Rail ServicesPhoenix, home to over 1.6 million residents, is the fifth-largest city in the entire United States. So it’s not surprising that there’s demand for Phoenix auto shipping by rail services. It’s a popular car transport location throughout the year. People ship out of Phoenix during the spring and summer to avoid the heat, and back there in the fall and winter to get away from Old Man Winter. So regardless of the time of year, Phoenix is a top car shipping hub. However, that’s for auto transport by truck – Phoenix auto shipping by rail services is a whole different ballgame.

About Phoenix auto shipping by rail services

Most auto transport by rail services currently operating are going up and down the east coast. There isn’t much in the way of east-west car shipping by rail because there just isn’t much profit in it. Most trains that ship cars ship in bulk; they transport for manufacturers and dealerships more than individuals. This limits just how many trains are available, and also limits the number of routes they run on.

One might think that the biggest western cities would have some kind of auto transport by rail services. And on the whole it makes sense – they’re large cities with enough car shipping demand to at least warrant consideration. But again, it’s all about profit. With car transport services, truck transport is often faster, cheaper and gets to areas trains can’t. This is true for many shipments out west, and Phoenix is no exception. If there are trains that are transporting cars to Phoenix, we can find them.

But we should also say that routes will likely be limited. If there are services to or from Phoenix, they’ll likely be through the southern U.S. If you ship by rail, there won’t be any change in the locomotive that ships it. As such, chances are that if you’re shipping from somewhere not in the south, you’re out of luck. Again, we can help you determine which shipping method is right for you – call us or fill out our form for quotes and get started. If rail shipping is not available, we can definitely find a truck to help you move your vehicle.

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