How Long Does Vehicle Shipping by Rail TakeVehicle shipping by rail is a finicky subject. It’s not nearly as prevalent as it used to be in the car transport industry, but it’s still seen occasionally. However, how long it takes to ship a car by rail is very subjective. With the limited number of routes and the amount of stops that many freight trains make, gauging how long it’ll take can be difficult. But we’re going to do our best to break it down for you. Not all routes will have rail availability, but if it does, we can find it for you.

How long vehicle shipping by rail can take

Obviously, cross-country shipping will almost always take the longest. But cross-country shipping via rail isn’t necessarily available due to a general lack of profitability. The auto train sees the most traffic, and takes about 18 hours to go from Virginia to Florida (or back again). But it also doesn’t make any stops the way that other trains do. However, on the whole, shipping via rail can actually take less time, depending on the schedule.

Shorter distances of a thousand miles or less will usually take a day or two at most. Longer distances will take longer depending on how far the shipment is. Really, how long vehicle shipping by rail takes depends heavily on where you’re shipping from and to, the popularity of the route, and how many stops they make. You can and should speak to an agent regarding shipping your vehicle and what timetables you can expect.

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