Pay for Auto Transport by RailUsually when you ship a car, paying for it is the easiest thing to do. And it’s really no different to pay for auto transport by rail. Actually shipping the vehicle is going to be the complicated part. Paying for it usually is pretty easy. But when you ship a car by rail, things are a bit different than over the road trucking. For starters, trains don’t really take cash on delivery like auto transport trucks do. As such, it’s important to understand how paying to ship a car by rail can differ from paying for standard shipping services.

How to pay for auto transport by rail

Chances are pre-paid shipping is the way to go with auto transport by rail services. Trains work much differently than over-the-road trucks, after all, so payments will likely be different as well. Pre-paid shipping is not something OTR carriers want to do. They want to get their money as soon as the vehicle is delivered. But with a train, it’s not as important – it’s not like they can just hold your vehicle on the train, after all, if they don’t get paid. So pre-paid shipping is likely going to be the way to go.

However, it’s not the same across all rail companies, so the best thing to do is to speak to an agent. And the best way to get a hold of an agent is to give us a call. Our representatives can answer questions, help you find the right shipping method for your needs, and explain more about how payments for auto transport by rail shipping work.

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