Ship Items in a CarSo, you’re looking to ship items in a car that you want to ship by rail, huh? Luckily, we can help! Of course, there are some things to understand about shipping items in a car, especially when it comes to railroad shipping services. Read about what to expect when shipping a car by rail and whether you can ship items in your vehicle if it’s going on the railroad. Then, fill out our online form or call us toll-free to get quotes or speak to an agent any time.

Whether you can ship items in a car shipped by rail

So usually, no, you can’t ship anything in your car when you’re shipping via the railroad. Unlike over the road trucking services, railroad shipping is much more tightly controlled. Because of this, car inspections are usually more in-depth. Whereas a over the road carrier has some leeway in regards to items in a car, rail shippers don’t. Couple this with the fact that railroad shipping is already rather difficult to find, and you’re better off just shipping your goods through UPS.

That being said, you can and should speak to an agent about it. Sometimes they’ll let customers get away with things like linens or blankets if they’re kept in the trunk. This is on a case-by-case basis more often than not. So it’s something that you should really talk to a representative about.

You should prepare for a hard “no” regarding shipping items in a car that will be shipped by rail. Your vehicle should be completely clean of any household items, including spare change, garbage, tapes or CD’s, books, etc. While you don’t necessarily need to detail the interior of your vehicle, it can’t hurt!

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