Jacksonville Auto Shipping by Rail ServicesDespite not being as popular as Miami, at least in terms of car shipping services, Jacksonville is still the largest city in Florida. This is by both population and total area. So finding Jacksonville auto shipping shouldn’t be hard. Finding Jacksonville auto shipping by rail services, though, may be a bit more challenging. Why? Mostly because auto shipping by rail just isn’t as popular as shipping via truck. At the same time, Florida is one of the most popular auto transportation locations in the United States. More importantly, Amtrak’s Auto Train services parts of Florida. Not Jacksonville, but Sanford, which is a couple hours away.

About Jacksonville auto shipping by rail services

The Auto Train probably won’t be in your best interest if you’re shipping from anywhere that isn’t Virginia. That’s the thing – the Auto Train only runs north/south from Sanford, Florida, up to Lorton, Virginia. They run daily, but that’s pretty far out of the way if you’re not a snowbird.

If you’re shipping to Jacksonville from anywhere else in the country, rail shipping is bound to be limited. It’s nothing to do with Jacksonville itself – if anything, the city would be a major rail hub. And it is, for anything that isn’t a car. But auto transport by rail services are typically reserved for bulk shipments, usually coming out of auto manufacturing plants. This is because bulk shipments are cheaper and more profitable for rail companies. Shipping an individual vehicle, when there isn’t much demand, is going to leave a lot of empty space on the rail car. That’s a problem.

So, if you’re looking for Jacksonville auto shipping by rail, we can help you try to find it. If it’s available, we’ll get it for you. But chances are it’s not available because it’s really not available anywhere in the U.S. except by Amtrak. It’s usually cheaper, faster, and more cost-effective – and time-effective – to ship via a regular auto transport truck. And that’s something we can help you with too. If your route doesn’t have rail services on it, we can find you the next best thing. So give us a call or fill out our free quote form to find out how we can help.

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