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Auto Transport by Rail Services

When you ship a car via rail there are typically two ways to do it – open and enclosed. These auto shipping by rail services echo the standard methods that trucks offer as well. On the whole, they work much the same, but there are some differences that you should know about and understand. 

To start, most every shipment via rail will start with an auto transport truck. They’ll actually pick your vehicle up and transport it to the nearest railroad depot. You can mitigate this if you’re close to the depot, but not everyone is. Therefore, it’s best to speak to your agent regarding whether or not that’s something you can do. Once that’s taken care of, you need to choose your preferred method of shipping, and there are two to know about.

Open Auto Transport by Rail Services

Auto Transport by Rail Services - Open Rail

Regardless of rail or truck transport, open vehicle shipping services tend to be the standard. It’s much easier to build and maintain an open hauler as opposed to an enclosed one for several reasons. For starters, the infrastructure is more basic – you don’t have to have a roof, or even walls. It’s also much easier and more cost-effective to load an open train car as opposed to an enclosed one, at the very least for the workers.

When it comes to auto transport by truck, open shipping tends to be cheaper than enclosed transportation. Why? Because you can fit more cars. With auto shipping by rail, though, this tends to be less of an issue due to train car design. More importantly, open transport tends to be cheaper simply because it’s more ubiquitous. It’s easier to find open train cars because there’s a lot of freight, cars included, that don’t need much protection from the elements.

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Enclosed Auto Transport by Rail Services

Auto Transport by Rail ServicesFor auto shipping by rail methods, enclosed transportation is a lot like shipping enclosed with a transport truck. Enclosed containers protect vehicles from the elements, such as rain and hail. This is a nice bonus if you’re shipping expensive cars that don’t really do well in non-sunny conditions.

This tends to increase the price of transportation services because enclosed shipping isn’t as common. This is more true for auto transport by truck than by rail, as train cars are train cars. Enclosed train cars should be able to fit about the same amount of vehicles as an open train car, which is a plus.

But really, it mostly depends on the transportation company you’re working with. Some will use open or enclosed containers exclusively; some will use them on specific routes. With some it simply depends on the configuration of the train and what’s going to work best with the rest of the cargo. Speak to an agent if you need to know more about auto shipping by rail methods.

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