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Michigan Auto Transport by RailAre you interested in Michigan auto transport by rail prices or services? If so, you’ve come to the right website! Auto transport by rail isn’t nearly as popular as shipping via an over-the-road truck, but it’s not impossible to find. Especially in Michigan, which has the advantage of lots of rail connections. The state’s infrastructure was built to move cars out of the automotive plants in the Detroit area. This in turn means that there is easier access for rail shippers than most any other state. But it’s still important to know what to expect with Michigan auto transport by rail, which is why we’re writing this article.

Michigan Auto Transport by Rail

If rail shipping to or from Michigan is available, it’ll likely run through Detroit. Detroit was long the center of American automobile manufacturing, and back in the day the railroads were the main way that cars were shipped. So, the infrastructure is all there. But the issue is the fact that rail shipping just isn’t as popular – at least, for vehicles – as it used to be. Most rail companies that do ship cars ship for manufacturers still, often hauling entire train loads at once. A single vehicle is a drop in the bucket for them, and often not worth the expense to ship it.

That being said, if it is available, we can find it for you. And it may not just be available to or from Detroit – Grand Rapids and Lansing, which sit further west, are also popular car transportation hubs. More importantly, they also have railroads running through them. Whether or not any rail companies are moving cars through them will depend on their schedule, available routes, and the time of year. But if it’s available, we can find it for you.

Popular Auto Transport Locations in Michigan

As mentioned, Detroit is the most likely location for Michigan auto transport by rail services. It is the largest city in the state and its most popular auto transport location. Ease of access, via road or railroad, makes Detroit the most likely – and most affordable – place in Michigan to ship a car to or from.

Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids is probably the second-best location to ship a car to in Michigan, after Detroit. However, it may not be so easy to ship there via rail. Though ease of access likely isn’t an issue, the real problem stems from a lack of demand. Detroit tends to get all the good shipments; the rest of the state, not so much.

Warren sits not far from Detroit, so chances are shipping to Detroit and then driving your vehicle back to Warren (or to Detroit from Warren) will be the best way to go.

Sterling Heights
Sterling Heights sits just north of Warren, and, again, will likely see routes go to Detroit instead. It’s just easier to have a central location for auto transport by rail services, after all.

Michigan Auto Transport by Rail Quotes and Prices

If you’re interested in shipping your vehicle to or from Michigan, let us help. At the very least you can get some quotes from top-rated shippers who can handle rail service if it’s available. Simply fill out our free quote request form to get started. It’s free and only takes a minute or two. But more importantly, you’ll get quotes from reputable companies who understand how Michigan shipping services work. You can also contact one of our agents any time at 866-513-RAIL should you have questions or need help.

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